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I am here because I love everything about the NFL. Football is the greatest <br/>sport of all time and it's the ultimate team sport. Everybody has to be on the same page for wins to pile up at the end of the season and games are won and lost in between the trenches. I love the fact that NFL athletes compete with one another for starting positions or roster spots but congratulate one other regardless when a great play is made on game day. <br/>

Miami Dolphins Treating Their Players like Children

Reggie Bush and his Miami Dolphin teammates cant surf the internet on their team issued iPads.

NFL players are big, athletic and make millions of dollars a year but sometimes they still get treated like children.

It was reported last week that the Miami Dolphins handed out team-issued iPads in order for players to use them to learn the playbook and NOT to surf on the internet for fun. The team will fine the players $10,000 for looking at "unauthorized websites," with the devices. The no-go sites include Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and you'd have to guess most adult entertainment sites. However, it was unclear if viewing New York Jets coach Rex Ryan's foot fetish video of his wife would be considered opponent research.

I'm sure the Dolphin players are happy to be rid of the old gigantic playbook book binders, but they can't be happy with the grade school style restrictions on the devices. While it's probably a good rule of thumb (regardless of your profession) to avoid using a work computing device to visit porn sites, there's nothing wrong with checking email or watching a Youtube video. A $10,000 fine for straying from the play book is a little steep, and if you learn the playbook who cares how many tweets you made along the way – why not let the players surf the web like the adults they are and fine those players who haven't learned the playbook. However, NFL players definitely make enough to pay for their own iPads , so on the whole I'm not too concerned

Plus the players seem to really like them. Davone Bess said, "it's convenient. Every day we were getting stacks and stacks of papers with the installs. Now they can just download them on the iPad and it's there — Bam!"

Reggie Bush:said "I love it. It makes it so much simpler, and obviously that's where technology has taken us nowadays. It's amazing, and I'm glad we got it."

What do you think? Is a $10,000 fine too steep?

Why Chad Ochocinco Might be a Surprise Success on the Miami Dolphins

When Chad Ochocinco was released by the New England Patriots few Pats fans were sorry to see him go, after all the big talking and big play-making receiver seemed to have lost the latter ability.

Pats fans had hoped Ochocinco would compliment Wes Welker and provide a deep threat for Tom Brady, instead he was virtually a non factor – as quite on the field as detractors had always wished he'd be off the field. He seemed to have lost his trademark speed and seemed dazed and confused operating in the Pats offense.. However, now that he's signed with the Miami Dolphins I think there's a pretty good chance his tenure in Miami will be a physical and mental improvement over his stint in New England.

As far as the physical goes Ochocinco's new Dolphin teammates have reportedly be impressed with his physical condition and speed. On the mental side a new report has surfaced that says Ochocinco admitted to not understanding the Patriots playbook. An un-identified source with the Dolphins organization told Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe that Ochocinco admitted to not understanding the Patriots playbook when he met with the Dolphins.

"The guy did all but admit that it was a struggle for him mentally, the playbook, all that stuff,'' the source told Bedard. "He didn't deny that it was a problem for him, learning it up there.''

While Patriots fans will be justifiably angered at this admission by Ochocinco I see at as good news for the Dolphins. After all it means that his struggles last year weren't all due to declining physical ability – the Dolphins coaching staff can work to address Ochocinco's mental mistakes a lot easier than it would be for them to will him to reverse the effects of aging on his body. If the Dolphins coaching staff takes his lack of understanding of the Pats offense into consideration and spends time making sure he's grasped their offensive concepts, Ochocinco could play a big a role in Miami's offense.

Initially I thought the signing of Ochocinco by the Fins was a good risk free move, the Dolphins are in need of good receivers. Although he reportedly signed for $2 million, Ochocinco, will have to perform at a high level to earn that. To begin with I thought signing him was worth shot and but that the Dolphins would cut him after paying him only a fraction of that two million, now I'm thinking he might earn all of it and regain some measure of his old form as a playmaker.

What do you think? Was signing Chad Ochocinco a good idea for The Dolphins?

Tom Brady Upset with Gisele Bundchen's Super Bowl Comments AFC East update

29 March 2007: Brazilian Super model Gisele Bundchen on the red carpet before she introduces the new Vogue eyewear collection at Tottem Gardens, Miami, Florida. Photo by:Gary Rothstein/Icon SMI

Evidently, Tom Brady – like most of the wrest of the world – thought his wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, talked out of turn when she criticized New England Patriots receivers after the team lost last year's Super Bowl to the New York Giants.

On Friday, Tom Curran of Comcast New England reported about a story told to him by Comcast Bay Area reporter Matt Maiocco.

Curran reported that Brady addressed the incident at a panel a few months ago.

"Just before she goes to bed, she says, 'Yeah, people were following me and I just said something I shouldn't have said,'" Brady recalled, according to Curran.

He replied, "'I don't care really what you said. Just go to bed. I woke up the next morning, I tapped her on the shoulder [and asked], 'Why did you say that?' She was talking about the best player on our team, Wes Welker, yeah. That was my most recent memory."

For those of you who were living under a rock at the time or have somehow managed to forget this tabloid fueled frenzy here's what originally took place. As she was leaving the game (with the wives of other Patriots players) Bundchen offered some harsh criticism of her husband's team mates and she was caught on video doing it.

"I can't believe they dropped the ball so many times," she said. "My husband cannot f—king throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time."

Now that's cold!

It's no surprise Brady was upset with the comments, having your famous super model wife complain about your teammates is almost as bad as having your mom complain about other kids on the team when you're playing Pop Warner, (though granted she looks better doing it than most moms do).

In addition to the fact that Bundchen shouldn't have spoken in the first place, I have to add that her analysis wasn't really on the money either. As far as I'm concerned the Patriots loss was a quintessential team loss. The Giants defense did a great job of knocking the whole Pats offense out of sync. However, for much of the year Brady did carry the Patriots offense on his shoulders and I wonder if Bundchen was picking up on a sentiment her husband expressed to her in private.

What do you think? Did Bundchen speak out of turn? Was she right that the receivers let the Patriots down in the game?