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Cowboys Feeling Spry After Week 5 Bye?

Rich Kane SMI


If the Dallas Cowboys are going to pull a win out from underneath their saddles in week 6, they are going to have to dig deep, real deep. There is no question about it, the Cowboys are in fight or flight mode and they probably feel more scared to lose than overly confident to win this week while the Patriots will challenge themselves to stay poised. You know Rob Ryan made a few phone calls to his brother Rex for some much needed insight on what to expect from the Patriots this week, but then again maybe Rex made the first call. Either way, what would Rex have to say, “Don’t run the ball all game and play conservative like we did. There pass defense is one of the worst pass defenses in the NFL?” Thanks Rex. Sure, there are some useful tips Rex could have given to his twin bro and we all know how much they both love to talk but when Sunday comes it will be all about execution.

Luckily the Cowboys had two weeks to prepare for the Patriots and enough time to get some starters fresh for the biggest challenge they will face all season. Electric wide receivers Miles Austin and Dez Bryant will be ready and hopefully remain in the game all four quarters to give the Cowboys their best chance to win. Rob Ryan has his defense playing stout against the run (3.1 yards a carry) and has his defense ranked 4th overall in total yards allowed this season. Despite that the Patriots are usually a pass first team; it’s good to be able to shut one part of their game down when playing against them, but I can assure you, all eyes will not be fixated on that.

Tony OhNo or Tony Romo? That is the question. Can Romo lead his team on his shoulders without making the perfect mistakes to lose?  Comparisons to Drew Bledsoe and Dan Fouts are well on their way and if Tony Romo loses this game for the Cowboys I would be surprised if he was their quarterback in 2012, let’s be honest.  This game is going to be a great game to watch and despite the many great plays there will be in this game I think it will come down to just one. I know the Patriots are the better team but I think the Cowboys are in dire need of a win and have a slight edge. With two weeks of preparation under the belts heading into week 6, I like the Cowboys to upset the Patriots 34-28.