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In Tom Brady We Trust: Tony Romo, Not So Much

Tom Croke SMI

Tom Brady was brilliant once again and leads his team to a come from behind win against the Cowboys in week 6. It was an ugly win, but it still counts. The Cowboys won the turnover battle (4-2) and the time of possession (32:49 - 27:11) against the Patriots on Sunday but still managed to lose! Why you ask? Tom Brady is that good and the Cowboys don't trust Tony Romo.

It's definitely hard to trust Tony Romo when the most recent memory you have of him is his two pick 6's given up to the Detroit Lions which inevitably cost them the game in week 4. The Cowboys also blew their biggest lead in franchise history in week 4! Regardless of this fact, you still have to play like their is nothing to lose when you go on the road to play the New England Patriots. 

 On the second to last drive the Cowboys had on offense against the Patriots this past week, the Cowboys had no fear. The Cowboys were averaging just about 19 yards a play right before they got to the Patriots 22 yard line. Once they got into Patriots red zone they averaged just 2.5 yards per play. Three of those plays were technically check down plays. Tashard Choice's number was called on the last two plays of that drive, and it was clearly the wrong choice. "Child Please," why not throw a fade route to Dez Bryant? Why not scramble for some yards if nothing is wide open? I can't tell you why but I do know that Rob Ryan led the Browns to a win last year against the Patriots and the Cowboys thought they could leave it up to his defense again this year to beat the Patriots, but you can't keep Tom Brady down forever. Apparently Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett thought otherwise, "You have to run the ball in that situation because of the time situation, and I thought our defense had done a good job." Meanwhile Cowboys linebacker Keith Brooking had this to say, "When it comes to crunch time, he is at his best (Tom Brady)." I guess you guys can be the judge but Deion Branch did admit how terrible their offense was run through out the game. The Patriots (5-1) will go into their week 7 bye to work out the kinks, having two weeks to prepare for the Steelers (4-2). They will travel to Heinz Field in week 8.

Play of the Game in week 6: With two minutes and thirty one seconds left to go in the fourth, Brady went 8 for 9 on a 78 yard drive and a touchdown strike to Aaron Hernandez who was single covered over the middle!!!!  BOOOM!!!!