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The Patriots Leave it to Eli in Deija Vu Loss to Giants

Tom Croke SMI


The New England Patriots’ 20 game winning streak at home gets broken by guess who, the New York Giants!Did you see Tom Coughlin's face at the end of the game? He looked pleasantly surprised to say the least. On the other end of the spectrum, Bill Belichick is probably feeling a little bit sick. No other team could have twisted the knife into the Patriots’ wounds further than the New York Giants did in week 9. This was a horrible loss for the Patriots and a confidence killer going forward for the rest of the season.

First of all, the Patriots had no excuse to find motivation to play at an elite level against a team who crushed them in Super Bowl XLII (NFL NETWORK’s 2nd best ranked Super Bowl of all-time). The Patriots were favored by thirteen and a half points heading into Super Bowl XLII and in week 9 of the 2011 season, they were favored by nine at home against the Giants. Besides for the fact that Brady played un-Brady like throwing for two interceptions at home, he also coughed up a fumble to the New York Giants which they capitalized on with a ten yard touchdown run by Brandon Jacobs. Patriots’ wide receiver Julian Edelman also fumbled a punt return which was recovered by the New York Giants (Spencer Paysinger) in the third quarter. Although Eli threw an interception on the next drive giving the ball back to the Patriots, it still killed enough time off the clock to put the Patriots in a bad spot late in the game. The Patriots managed to go up 20-17 after a 14 yard strike to Rob Gronkowski late in the fourth, but there was still a minute and thirty six seconds left on the clock for the Giants offense to prevail.  Easy E got his chance AGAIN to show the world why his quarterback rating is 119 in the fourth quarter and drove his team down the field on an 8 play 80-yard drive to go up 24-20 against the New England Patriots. The Giants gave the Patriots just 15 seconds left to make a come back, but that wasn't enough. The Patriots fall to 5-3 on the season and are slowly slipping out of the playoff race (10th in league). 

Week 9 Final Assessment: The Patriots turned the ball over too many times and Eli Manning is too good of a quarterback not to capitalize on turnovers home or away, with or without Hakeem Nicks and Ahmad Bradshaw by his side. Tom Brady played awful at home in week 9’s loss and will have to play 100 times better against the Jets in week 10.

I Told You So: Prior to the 2011 season, Eli Manning stated that he believes he is a top 5 quarterback in the NFL. A lot of people laughed at his statement but he proved naysayers wrong and beat the Patriots in similar fashion to Super Bowl XLII with the ball in his hands at the end of the fourth quarter. It's time to pay the piper (ELI) some credit, I mean, A LOT OF CREDIT!

The Patriots (5-3) travel to Met Life Stadium to take on the New York Jets (5-3) in week 10.