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Week 15 Broncos vs. Patriots: It's Tom Brady Time

Chris Keane Icon SMI

When the 2011 schedule came out last April, no NFL fan would have thought week 15’s matchup between the Denver Broncos (8-5) and the New England Patriots (10-3) would have the amount of hype surrounding it as it does with Tim Tebow leading his team to the top of the division in the AFC West.  Broncos’ owner John Elway still can’t even believe it, but it’s true! Not only does Tim Tebow have 6 fourth quarter comebacks in his first 11 starts as an NFL starting quarterback (which is a new NFL record) but he’s winning NFL games with a college styled offense! His quarterback rating is 110 in the fourth quarter and it rises to 125 when there is 5 minutes or less left to go in the game. Some say he is “The Anointed One,” others say he is just a really good running back, I say his quarterback rating has to be better than 65.1 for the first three quarters of the game vs. the New England Patriots if he plans on squeaking out another miraculous win in week 15.

You can’t look into the hype on game day, especially when Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots come to town. Bill Belichchick and the New England Patriots know how prepare each week and design a game plans that attack their opponents’ flaws but what is the Broncos biggest weakness? Besides for the game against the Vikings two weeks ago, the Broncos don’t average a lot of points per game. In fact, the Patriots are averaging 30.5 points per contest while the Broncos are averaging approximately 10 points less than that each game. Look no further; we found the Patriots’ game plan. Do what you do New England. Your best defense is your outstanding offense. No let up! The Patriots are beyond capable of putting up forty points in this game and they have to take the confidence out of the Broncos early if they want to secure a win in Mile High Stadium this week. Even if the Broncos do keep it close for 4 quarters, Tom Magnificent is no fourth quarter slouch either and is more than capable of closing out the game with a few ticks left on the clock so the Broncos better bring their A game. Deion Branch won’t be suiting up for this one but that still shouldn’t hinder the Patriots offense from putting up lots of points against the Broncos defense.


The Broncos are averaging 4.7 yards a carry while the Patriots are giving up an average of 4.3 yards per attempt. The Broncos have 37 sacks on the season which is 5th best in the NFL but the New England Patriots have only let up 22 sacks on the season which is 6th best in the NFL. Broncos’ defenders Elvis Dumervil and Von Miller will make some plays on Brady this game no doubt, but it won’t be enough to stop the Patriots high flying offense all game. The Patriots pass the ball close to 40 times a game and do it with consistent success. God has found a way to help the Broncos squeak out miraculous wins this season and with our jaws still dropped, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if he helped Tim Tebow get another win in week 15 but they are going to have to do it by passing. Regardless, I wouldn’t bet on the Broncos beating the Patriots this week and I don’t think all the prayers in the world can help them out in this one. I like the Patriots to go into Mile High Stadium and show Tim Tebow Nation what time it really is……….. It’s Tom Brady time. The Patriots beat the Broncos, 31-20.