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Bills Feeling At Home Heading Into Week 17 Against Pats

Nothing too much left to spoil this week for the playoff bound Patriots unless the Bills have a strong desire to prevent New England from home field advantage throughout the postseason, all’s they have to do is get a win in Foxboro. What a pregame speech that would be. Besides for the very little pride they may have left, the Bills don’t have much to play for heading into week 17 against the Patriots. The truth of the matter is, the Bills had this season in the palm of their hands-so they thought, with a 5-2 record, and then they let it slip away after losing 7 straight games in a row! How did that happen? Is it because they are used to losing? Maybe it’s a combination of them suffering from a lot of injuries this season with insufficient depth on their roster, being a young NFL team, and being used to losing. Who knows and who cares, this isn’t the Buffalo Bills’ blog, it’s the Patriots’ blog and Bill Belichick’s led Patriots team is determined to do whatever it takes to secure home field advantage throughout the playoffs and increase their chances of making Super Bowl XLVI.

The Bills are 1 of 3 teams that have beaten the Patriots this season so that means they have the formula to do it again but a lot has changed since week 3 of the regular season, including key statistics that will provide some insight heading into week 17’s matchup. The Bills were averaging nearly 40 points a game in the beginning of the season (which was 1st in the NFL) before heading into their first divisional battle at home against the Patriots. The Bills are currently averaging 23 points a game now. Also, Ryan Fitzpatrick’s quarterback rating was 102 at that point in time in the season while the last time a quarterback for the Bills had over a 90 quarterback rating was Doug Flutie Flakes in 1998. The Bills were rallying around their quarterback, protecting the football, and creating turnovers on defense, but a lot has changed since then, especially Fitzpatrick’s quarterback rating. Ryan Fitzpatrick’s quarterback rating dropped 22 points since week 3! His QB rating is currently 80.7 while Tom Brady’s has gotten slightly better since then with a 105.1 QB rating. The Bills have turned into a very inconsistent team to say the least, and the Patriots have remained consistent all season long, that’s the difference. The Bills had a fast start to the season and rare opportunity to take the league by storm but that door has closed very quickly on them and in the meantime the Patriots have been finding ways to get slightly better as the weeks continued on. The professionals believe the Patriots will beat the Bills by twelve points at home this week and considering the fact that this game is a revenge game to secure home field advantage against a demoralized Bills team, I tend to agree with that analysis. I like the Patriots to close out the season strong and beat the Bills convincingly, 41-24.