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Giants' Kryptonite Too Much For Patriots to Handle in Super Bowl XLVI

Well, well, well, if it isn’t Flava Flav hugging the Super Bowl XLVI winning head coach at the end of the game, what else is next, Tom Coughlin getting a contract extension? At least Coach Belichick escaped Flava Flav's encounter, but he still had to deal with the media regardless. “We competed hard, we played well. We came up a couple plays short,” Belichick was his typical dry self after the game, but what he said was pretty on point.


The Patriots didn’t play like champions and the Giants did. There were a lot of key plays in this game that determined its outcome and Wes Welker’s dropped pass to move the chains late in the game was just one of them.


 The Giants outplayed the Patriots as many people expected. Mario Manningham made critical catches in critical times of the game and the Giants were the ones with all the confidence. The Giants offense stayed on field by an average of 43 seconds longer than the Patriots offense had all season long. In Super Bowl XLVI, the Giants stayed on offense for thirty seven minutes and five seconds compared with the Patriots’ twenty-two minutes and fifty-five seconds of offense. Surprising but still impressive, you have to give the Giants credit.


The Patriots’ secondary which ranked 31st in pass yards allowed this season contributed to their demise in Super Bowl XLVI. Still, the Patriots were well aware of their secondary play heading into Super Bowl XLVI.  The Patriots have been countering their defensive play by averaging 32 points per game but they only put up 21 points in this contest however.


Brady looked very un-Brady like on their first possession of the game and gave up a safety to the Giants “NASCAR” defense. A rookie mistake was made by Tom Brady and that of course set the tone of the game.


Two Fumbles, no recoveries. Jerod Mayo forced a Giants fumble and Brandon Spikes forced a Giants fumble, the Patriots couldn’t recover one! Brady also through an interception in this game but Eli Manning did not.  


The Patriots still had 57 seconds left in the game with the ball in their court but they couldn’t get down the field to register a comeback. Similar to Super Bowl XLII’s game ending (but with only 35 seconds left on the clock), it would have been a shame if Brady mounted a comeback with the way the Patriots played throughout the entire game. The outcome of Super Bowl XLVI reflected the Giants play and they deserved to win.   Congratulations G-MEN!