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Patriots Team Blogger

It's been an honor to blog for the New England Patriots this season and I would love to be back again for the start of the 2012 season.

Let's make a case and look back at some of the great articles I have written for the Patriots this season - Bold Prediction Pays Off - Patriots vs. Cowboys Recap - Another Bold Prediction Pays Off


Good to Know

I read Bill Belichick's book: The Education of a Coach and I am currently reading Steve Belichick's book:Football Scouting Methods

I have found both books being very useful. Bill's book is more entertaining with an emphasis on his historical background, personality, influences, and Super Bowl runs while Steve's book is learning how to scout and read the types of schemes found in every phase of the game. 

There is a nice bit on the relationship between Parcells and Belichick throughout their coaching careers in The Education of a Coach and there is insight on Belichick's defensive game plan for Super Bowl XXV (which is in the hall of fame) as well as the devised game plan for Super Bowl XXXVI, where the Patriots beat The Greatest Show on Turf (20-17).

If you want to scout or become a (better) football coach, read Steve's book too!


Once again, thanks for following and I hope to see you again next year.