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AFC East biggest failures

Rich Kane/Icon SMI

It's safe to say that one of the best divisions in football this year was a roller coaster ride with some of the highest hills and the farthest falls. New England was one diving catch away by Rob Gronkowski away from carrying his team to a Super Bowl ring. Buffalo had its best start in over a decade when they started 5-2, including an emotional win over the New England Patriots. Just 7 weeks later they are on a seven game losing streak. As for Miami, and the New York Jets, well, they were just a mess. Miami looked strong near the end of the year, but it wasn't enough to save Tony Sparano's job. In New York, another season ends without Rex Ryan's preseason predictions coming true. Let's take a look at some of the players that were vital in their teams success for good and for bad.


New England Patriots

Biggest Failure

Chad Ochocinco- Wide Receiver... Chad Ochocinco will be changing his name back to the original Johnson as of July 1st, but I'm not so sure that's going to help him get out of anyone's dog house or help him contribute on the field. I give him credit for keeping his mouth shut this year. Unfortunately, that does get your team points.


New York Jets

Biggest Failure

I'm going to break the rule here, as I won't pick a player, instead teamwork. The Jets teamwork is so awful that I'm not even sure they actually played games this year. There is also a feud going between Mark Sanchez and Santonio Holmes. It's no secret that they aren't friends, but the question will become next season if they are able to tolerate each other long enough to have a good year.


Miami Dolphins

Biggest Failure

How about Chad Henne? I agree that it is not his fault that he got hurt and wasn't able to play the rest of the year, but he just did not make the most of his chances. It felt like at times he was missing his receivers by miles, but I can guarantee you that it will never happen again. You know why? Because Chad Henne will never get another chance to prove himself in the league.


Buffalo Bills

Biggest Failure

Brad Smith? Are you in there? You're getting paid 5 million dollars a year to be the kick returner that you were in New York and you can't even make the slightest difference for Buffalo? Are you kidding me? Contracts are not guaranteed in the NFL, don't be surprised if management tries to make the most of that if Brad Smith continues to be worthless on and off the field.