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Dolphins and Bills draft predictions

Jim Dedmon/Icon SMI

The Miami Dolphins beat out the Carolina Panthers in a coin flip to receive the 8th overall pick in April's NFL draft. The Panthers will pick 9th. I have not heard whether or not the Dolphins won the toss, or the Panthers lost it, but I'm not sure it makes a difference either way in the long run. Although it is important to gain every spot as a possible bargaining chip in a trade, or just one spot closer to getting the guy they want, there is no player that I believe will be on the board at that time that both Miami and Carolina will be dying to have on their roster. They have different needs and fits as both teams rebuild for the future.

            As for the pick itself, I believe that Miami could use the pick on either side of the ball. Reggie Bush had a great year in 2011, but is one year enough to have you sold for his future? What if Trent Richardson is on the board here? I find it hard to believe that Miami would pass on such a player especially as the league transitions to a two back system. Now before everyone starts to scream "Daniel Thomas" from the rooftops, I'm not a believer.

Prediction: Trent Richardson is not on the board so the Dolphins select, Quinton Coples, DE, North Carolina


The Bills brought hope to the city of Buffalo when they won five games in the first half of last season. Unfortunately, they could not keep it up and it only hurt them as they will not draft until the number ten slot in April. Part of the reason the Bills could not keep up the pace that they started with was because their defense was allowing boatloads of points and they were no longer creating the turnovers that they were in their win streak. If Quinton Coples is available, which he isn't according to my prediction above, the Bills would be taking him. Instead they will go with the next best pass rusher.

Prediction: Melvin Ingram, DE, South Carolina