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Patriots and Jets draft predictions

John Korduner / Icon SMI

The New York Jets are slowly becoming a joke around the league because every year the bar is set so high but yet they continue to come up short. Now, Mark Sanchez and Santonio Holmes are throwing fits, Rex Ryan claims another championship, and the front office could be secretly aiming at Peyton Manning, who isn't even a free agent yet, behind the scenes.

            As much as every team values having a quality pick in the first round, I'm not sure whoever this player is, will be able to even begin to dig this team out of the hole they are in. Despite my thoughts, the team is still going to make that pick, so where should they spend it. The offense seems to be set unless they are aiming for a guard on the offensive line. That means they could use another guy to go after the ball on defense. Near the end of last season, safety Jim Leonhard pretty much shredded his leg. It is still unknown if he will be ready by the beginning of the season, so I would imagine they try to fill his spot with the best guy on the board.

Prediction: Mark Barron, Strong Safety, Alabama


The New England Patriots are awful. I'm not even sure where to begin if they are going to even be competitive in the AFC East next year. Just kidding of course. The Patriots were by far the best team in the conference last year and "The Hoodie" is a draft genius as everything he touches goes to gold. The Patriots will have two selections at the end of the first round this year because they traded their late first round pick last year to the New Orleans Saints when they draft Mark Ingram. I believe the Patriots will trade their picks once again this year, but not in the way that everyone is used to see them doing it. This year the Pats will shock everyone when the package picks to move into the late teens so they can draft...

Prediction: Dre Kirkpatrick, Cornerback, Alabama