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Why the Dolphins need more than Matt Moore and David Garrard

After failing to get Peyton Manning the Dolphins signed David Garrard to compete with Matt Moore for the starting QB job.


Let me begin by stating the very obvious – the Miami Dolphins need a starting quarterback.

After being eliminated from the Peyton Manning sweepstakes the Fins signed David Garrard, which is a little like going out to buy a brand new Porsche and ending up with a used (err..I mean pre-owned) mini van instead.

As of this moment Garrard is slated to compete with Matt Moore for the starting quarterback job. This is a competition of thoroughly un-epic proportions, both Moore and Garrard are decent players and cable of winning a game here or there but neither one seems like a guy likely to take his team to the Super Bowl. Even Miami's new coach Joe Philbin was lukewarm in his praise of both players while talking to the Miami Herald Philbin said of Moore: "he managed the games relatively well. He's not a by-the-book quarterback. He was very productive. Good arm strength. Kind of has a knack to move the team."On Garrard, Philbin added, "He had very good productivity in 2010" before an injury kept him off the field in 2011. "He throws a real catchable ball. He is very comfortable throwing on the move, has good velocity. Fundamentally, has nice mechanics. I like his personality. He had an excellent workout."

Though he praised both Moore and Garrard he didn't sound in love with either of them. Saying that Moore "managed games relatively well" is kind of like saying he didn't mess things up all the time, and when he commented on Garrard's great "personality" he sounded like someone does when they're trying to convince you to go on a blind date with a homely friend.

So given their current options at quarterback it's no surprise that The Dolphins are expected to take Ryan Tannehill with the 8th pick in the draft. Though, Tannehill is widely considered to be the third best quarterback prospect in this year's draft, most experts think he's relatively inexperienced and it will take time for him to develop into a starter. In fact many people don't think he's experienced enough to be a top ten pick but the Dolphins desperately need a quarterback and are expected to take Tannehill anyhow. Though it may take time for Tannehil to develop into a starter the Dolphins need to take a chance and draft him – Fins fans deserve a little hope and Tannehill provides that Moore and Garrard do not.

What do you think? Should the Dolphins draft Tannehil? Can Moore or Garrard carry the team?